Lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. Seems I just can’t turn my mind off from worry about all that life has thrown at us the past few months.

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I think it comes out at night because I have to put my worries aside during the day to be present for Lila. You know the typical “bottle it up until it explodes” approach that never really works any way.

It’s been seven weeks since my miscarriage and while physically I’m healed, my Read More

Time For a Reset

The “TWO’s” have hit our household and they’ve taken our sweet girl on quite a roller coaster ride.

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It seems one minute she’s up – smiling, giggling, dancing – and the next she’s bawling her eyes out. It hasn’t helped that the dreaded two-year molars have made their first white swollen appearance under her gums as well.

I’m just starting my journey into parenting an almost two-year-old, but Read More

Looking Up

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the many messages, comments and calls I received after my last blog post. It touched my heart to hear from so many of you about your own experiences and stories. Thank YOU for sharing with me. Knowing you’re not alone as you go through something difficult is sometimes the best thing to bring you through.

This past week I feel as though a weight has been lifted and life has gotten back to being good. Scratch that, great. I have so much to be thankful for and this week I really tried to slow down, notice and appreciate the joy in my life. Like…

Little girls who love their daddies.

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Tough Time

Sorry I’ve been missing here lately. We’ve been going through a tough few weeks. I really try to keep my perspective here on my blog positive and uplifting, so when I’m struggling, I find I end up just being silent. Well I decided last night that didn’t feel authentic and if I want to accomplish anything with my blog, it’s to connect with my readers and show them who I really am.

Last week I had a miscarriage. Man, it feels so weird to even type that.

It was still early in my pregnancy (five weeks), so thankfully I didn’t experience much pain or prolonged physical affects from losing this pregnancy. The emotional side of things has rocked my world a bit more. While I’m sad to have lost this pregnancy, I am more upset about the fact Read More