Handmade Bird Feeder: Perfect Porch Entertainment

One of my favorite parts of our new apartment rental is that it has a front porch. I don’t what it is, but I’ve always liked front porches more than back decks, patios or other outdoor living spaces.

Soon after moving in, I noticed that we have a lot of lively, pretty birds around our apartment and got an idea. Hmm…front porch + birdies = birdhouse!!

Etsy had quite a few adorable birdhouses to choose from. Click on any of the photos below to go to the listing on Etsy.

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The Vintage Pearl: Hand-Stamped Jewelry

Did you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day? We were in Scottsdale, AZ relaxing by the pool for a belated one  year anniversary trip. I was missing my mom though. Days like Sunday are when it’s hard to live so far from home!

I sent her a little something to let her know I was missing her from a lovely website called The Vintage Pearl. Have you heard of it? It’s handmade jewelry with a very personal touch perfect for moms. I got my mom these “mother of pearl” earrings that she loved.

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Only I Would Get Hurt at Yoga / Handmade Heating Packs

Soooo, yeah. Remember last week when I blogged that I took my first yoga class and loved it!? Well, that love has quickly turned into hate. I hurt my back during my second class!

I know, I know….who gets injured doing yoga???

I took a class last Tuesday that involved a lot of twisting and stretching of my back. Appartenly the athlete in me didn’t realize that yoga is about bringing balance to your body and NOT pushing each stretch to the absolute limit until you’re hurt.

The odd thing was that during and after the class I felt fine. The next morning I felt fine. Then around 11 am things started to go downhill quickly.

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City-Themed Stationary

This Thursday is my sister Amy’s birthday- she’s a St. Patrick’s baby! We’re not huge on presents in my family, but I wanted to get Amy something small to help celebrate her day.

In the age of texts, tweets and wall posts, I have been on a kick to bring back some elements of old-school communication. One of these is the hand-written note.

I love the personalization a note brings to a relationship. Plus you’re able to show off your personality with a design all your own or even your initials.

I went on Etsy and scrolled the thousands of handmade stationary they have available until I landed on these from Gooseberry Press shop. My sister lives in San Francisco and has friends all across Read More