Liz’s List: Christmas Gift Ideas for a Toddler

Since Lila’s birthday is so close to Christmas, I have to do double duty on looking for things to add to her Christmas list. Between the things she’s gotten for her birthday and what is on her list for the holidays, I think she’s getting some fun toys.

In general, we try to get her things that are open-ended and encourage active play. Things she can manipulate many different ways and discover in her own way. I also try to think about the future. Yes, she’s 1 now, but in six months, she might need some things that are a bit more advanced.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for a one year old. (click on any photos or title to buy these toys)

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Planning For Lila’s Birthday Party

November is a big month for our family. Lila’s birthday on the 18th, my parents visiting Nov. 15 – 19th, Luke’s birthday Nov. 27, Thanksgiving at our house Nov 28, Luke’s family visiting Nov 24 – 30. I’m super excited for all of these things, but I can feel the stress starting to creep in, which means I need to start checking things off my to-do list.

My planning focus lately has been on Lila’s birthday. We went back and forth about whether to do a party or just an activity with our family. We wanted it to be fun for Lila, not stressful for us, but also a special day where we could celebrate our girl. Ultimately we decided on a small party with family and a few friends at our house.

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Liz’s List: Stitch Fix Personal Styling

Although I have lost most of my baby weight (dang you last five lbs!), it still seems like my clothes just don’t look right any more. They’re either too tight, too short or out of fashion. I have a new state of mind and needed some new clothes to go with it.

Enter Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a personal stylist of sorts that is done through the internet. You fill out an in-depth personal style questionnaire, tell them your size and what your clothing needs are – business casual, formal, casual, and even can send them a Pinterest board showing your personal style.

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Liz’s List: Giveaway Noori Flower Girl Dress

One my the parts of having a little girl is the adorable tot-sized clothes. No offense to the parents of boys, but little girl clothing is just so cute! And little dresses are the cutest of cute.

That’s why I was excited when I was contact by the good folks at Noori dresses with an offer to pick out one of their flower girl or baptism dresses. I already have a dress for Lila’s baptism this month and she’s not in any weddings coming up, so I decided to offer this free dress to one of you!

I remember when I was buying a flower girl dress for my own wedding, it was really hard to find anything cute for a reasonable price. Noori has a lot of really cute styles at

an affordable price.

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