Creepy Halloween Foods

Yay! My favorite holiday is just 1.5 weeks away!

I am a HUGE Halloween fan. Everything from the costumes to the parties makes me smile.

We have a ton of fun dressing up, which reminds me I really need to get going on my costume this year!

Anyway- I was thinking about hosting a Halloween bash and immediately got to think about what foods to serve. I searched online and was amazed at all the amount of  Halloween themed recipes available.

Of course, I was most intrigued by the creepy, scary, GROSS-looking foods like “roast flesh worm with spikey teeth and spilling guts.”

Fried WTH on a Stick…

Eyeball Ensalata Caprese

Creepy zombie finger cookies

And my personal favorite- the Dexter-inspired blood slide suckers…awesome.

Seriously- who comes up with these recipes? Who ever they are, they are disturbed and yet totally awesome.

What are your Halloween plans? Are you dressing up and hitting the town?

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