First Day As a Full-Time Mommy

Today is a big day. It’s the first day I am completely alone with Lila. Up until now, we’ve had a mix of family staying with us to help. But my mom left this morning after 2.5 weeks, Luke is back to work and I am Lila’s sole caregiver.

After a quick cry when my mom left this morning, I put on my big girl pants and got down to business. Here’s how our day has gone so far from 7:00 am – 11:30 am:

– Feed, burp and diaper change

– Awake play time singing songs

– Clean spit up off couch

– Down for a nap

– Make myself three eggs and coffee

– Soothe Lila back to sleep in the rocking chair

– Try to nap on the couch while Lila sleeps

– Feed, burp and change diaper

– Tummy time

– Change diaper again

– Clean spit up, gather baby laundry

– Down for nap in her crib

– Start laundry

– Eat a snack and sit down to blog while Lila dozes

Phew! Lots of day packed into just four hours. And notice how “shower and get dressed for the day” is not on that list. lol.

Any notion that I had about maternity leave being “a break” has quickly been forgotten. This is going to be a lot of work, but so worth it. I mean, come on, look at what I get to see at this very moment.

This whole stay at home bit is going to be an adjustment for the next couple months. I am used to being in a vibrant office setting with a lot of social interaction. It’s going to be important that I settle into a routine and keep my schedule full.

Thankfully, I found and joined a mom’s group here in town and have already met a lot of other new moms to get together with. And we’ve started reaching back out to our friends in town to have them come over and meet Lila. My goal is to have at least two social events scheduled for each week while also trying to get out every day for a walk or to run an errand.

Oh, and I should probably try to get out of my pajamas by 1pm every day, right? :)

I’m curious, how have you other moms adjusted to being home alone with a baby all day? Any advice for me?

Mom, Thank you a million times over for putting your life on hold the past two and a half weeks to be here with us. I will never forget the time you spent here with little Lila. You are the best Mimi any child could ask for! 


2 thoughts on “First Day As a Full-Time Mommy

  1. Now that I am a Grandmother, and I look back raising my two kids by myself (with lots of help from my family) it was work and the rewards awh…When my son at the age of 5’ish would bring me little pink roses he picked at the neighbor ‘s house, or when my daughter was in dance class and she knew she nailed the dance better than all the other girls, their love gives you all the energy you need to make it through.
    When the girls are here it takes me two day to re cooperate, hahahha,  and I would not change it.
    Hope you enjoy every moment.

  2. My schedule was done according to the baby’s schedule. Even if it meant being in my pajamas all day. Mom groups did get me through with all 3 kids. It kept me sane knowing that I was doing the normal things. 

    Your little bundle of joy look so cute! I miss having little babies and Lila’s pic is making my ovaries hurt. lol. My babies are not so little anymore. I have a thir-TEEN yr. old already. Too fast.

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