To Post or Not to Post

If you’ve been paying attention to the news this week, you may have caught wind of an article in the NY Timesthat caused heated debate about privacy on Facebook and other social media sites.

It got me thinking about sharing and over-sharing online. What’s ok to talk about and what’s private?

When Facebook first came out, I jumped headfirst into posting about my life with my “friends.” Being an angstful teen at the time, I didn’t think twice about sharing details about my relationships, grades and escapades with my friends.

My family couldn’t understand why I would want to “broadcast my Read More

Where We Go From Here

Since my wedding, I’ve been asked several times if I plan to keep blogging  and what I will be blogging about. I do plan to keep blogging, but what about is still yet to be worked out completely.

I really enjoyed finding adorable gifts, decorations, dresses ect. as they related to weddings, but now I feel like my scope needs to broaden.

So in addition to writing about my day-to-day life and adventures in cooking, I plan to continue to share some of my favorite party finds. For example, I came across this “Vintage Toy” child’s birthday party theme on and had to share.

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