My First Giveaway! Hand-Painted Earrings from Buenos Aires

TGIF everyone! It’s been so much fun writing this blog and I’ve gotten some great responses from friends, family and even complete strangers. I wanted to host a small giveaway to let you all know how appreciative I am of your support and advice.

While in Buenos Aires, Luke and I spent one day wandering a street fair in San Telmo. There were all sorts of interesting local crafts for sale, but these  earrings caught my eye.


(apologies the picture is so bad. I really need a better camera!)

They are hand-painted on a band of hardened-leather and were being sold by a Read More

Highlights from Buenos Aires

Well, we’re back from our awesome vacation to Buenos Aires! We had a wonderful time and thoroughly gorged ourselves on steak, wine and alfajores (delcious chocolate cookies filled with dulce de leche).

Despite not having many “sites” to see, Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to go for vacation if you’re looking to really imerse yourself in the local culture and live life like a Porteno.

During our nine days in BA, we quickly got onto the Argentian schedule- wake around 10am, spend a leisurely day walking around the city, napping in the afternoon, heading to dinner no earlier than 10pm and finally calling it at night around 2am! Being a night-owl, this schedule was ideal to me!

We also noticed some interesting things about the Porteno culture Read More

We’re Off to Buenos Aires!

Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy, hectic week here for me wrapping up my projects at work and packing for a trip Luke and I are taking this week. We’re heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the next 10 days for a little vacation time!


One area where Luke and I are totally compatible is in our love for adventure and travel. Since Luke’s a consultant and racks up endless amounts of hotel and airline points, we’re able to go on some pretty awesome trips for next to nothing.

I cannot tell you how excited I am do experience everything Argentina has to offer. We’re planning to Read More