Adorable Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This weekend my dear friend Jen had her baby shower at Hub51 in downtown Chicago. She was such a gorgeous mom-to-be.

When looking for a gift to give Jen, I wanted to get her something practical from her registry and pair it with something uber cute off Etsy.

It’s really tempting when buying for a baby shower to pick out the cutest clothes, toys ect, but when I polled my Twitter followers (many moms), the feedback was that a mom-to-be really wants things off her registry that she had a real use for.

I ended up purchasing her baby bathtub and then had fun looking on Etsy for something to go with the bath theme. I was happy to find they have an entire section devoted to baby bath gifts.

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Engagement Gift Idea

When Luke and I got engaged, I was  lucky to have my friends and family surround me with excitement and support. Looking back, those first couple weeks were probably when I needed them the most – having a new ring  on your finger and starting the wedding journey can be  a little bit intimidating!

I remember one friend in particular sent me a little congratulations gift, which I LOVED and use every single day. It was a tiny, silver elephant whose trunk was used as a ring holder. I remember it meant a lot to me that she had gone out of her way to help me feel special.

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