Rebuilding Haiti, One Gift At A Time

My favorite gifts to give and get are those that have a story behind them. Something that makes the present thoughtful and special beyond “I picked this up at a department store.” That’s why I love Etsy, where everything is handmade, so much.

This weekend while in Miami for the Blogalicious Conference I learned about a wonderful campaign Macy’s is doing called Heart of Haiti, which is bringing beautiful, hand-made Haitian art to the US.

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Wired Home Decorations

This weekend Luke and I high-tailed it out of Chicago to visit our families in Indiana and Ohio. This meant I had plenty of time on the train or in the car to check out what’s new on my favorite site: Etsy!

I came across these unique and sweet wire decorations. They are very shabby chic and whimsical. I could see them fitting perfectly into any girlie decor.

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A Rant About Wedding Veils

For some reason when you put the words “wedding” or “bridal” in front of anything – cake, dress, flowers – the cost automatically jumps 100%. This is especially true for veils.

A few weeks ago I had a dress fitting at the bridal salon. I decided I wanted a veil, so I had the sales lady pull some chapel-length, ivory options with no trim or embellishments. I found one I really liked…until I asked the price…

$250!! WOWZA! Seriously?? $250 for 72″ of netting fixed to a plastic comb??

I was floored.

Needless to say, I  handed the veil back like I was playing a game of hot potato and decided to look online for cheaper options.

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Keeping the Bride Warm with Style

With just one month to go until my wedding, I’ve starting thinking about the little details, including what I will wear with my dress to keep me warm.

One of the downsides of an April wedding is that the weather is completely hit or miss. It could be 65 and sunny or 30 and snowy, so a girl’s got to be prepared to be COLD!

Once again I’ve turned to my trusty friend Miss Etsy to scope what’s out there in the world of bridal shawls, wraps and shrugs. Per usual, there were so many amazing options:

French Vanilla Bridal Wrap –

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