Dear Alden: You’re One Year Old!

Dear Alden,

This week you officially turn one! My last baby is leaving behind his babydom and entering the toddler zone. I know I should be sad about this, but you are such the perfect ending to our baby years, that instead of sad I just feel content.

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I do feel bad that this is my first post dedicated to you since I chronicled your birth story, but 2020 has been a YEAR baby boy. With the pandemic, school closures, work and raising four kids, Read More

Dear Lila, You’re One Year Old!

Dear Lila,

Happy first birthday!! I cannot believe you are already a year old. Time sure has flown by and you have grown so much in the past year.


This weekend we hosted your first birthday party with Mimi, Gee, Uncle Matt, Aunt Amy, Uncle Mike, Mabel and our friends here in Reno. We had everyone over to our house for desserts and you played in the living room with all your friends. You LOVED your birthday cake and made sure to smear it all over.

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Dear Lila: You’re Nine Months Old!

Dear Lila AKA Bitty, Bug, Buggy and Boo Boo,

Yesterday you turned nine months old, and I have to say I love you at this age so much. You are able to be more independent with your crawling and climbing, but also still need your mommy and daddy a lot. I have a feeling your development is about to take off, so for now I am relishing your last “pre-mobile” months.

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Dear Lila – You’re Two Weeks!

Dear Lila,

Can you believe your first two weeks of life have come and gone? Today we took you to the doctor for your two week check up and you gained ANOTHER 10 ounces – 20 total since leaving the hospital. I was so proud of how well you’re doing. The doctor said I must be making “milk of gold.”

It’s hard to fathom how much our life has already changed since you’ve joined us. I can hardly even remember what our life was like before you. I know it involved more sleep, but otherwise it was void of all the joy you bring to us every day. You really have weaved yourself into every inch of our lives in such a short period of time, and it has been the most wonderful change I could have imagined.

Mimi is here helping take care of you Read More