Dizzy Lizzy

I hope you are all enjoying your memorial day weekend. It’s been a slightly depressing one over here. We started off with a bang, enjoying a lovely dinner on Friday night and then attending a beautiful wedding on Saturday. Since Sunday morning though, I’ve been experiencing some terrible vertigo/dizziness/light-headedness.

I’m not sure what caused it – there was no specific incident – but I’ve been laying in bed most of the weekend trying not to move my head, which makes the room spin. I’ve been trying not to let my hypochondria get the best of me, including steering clear of Web MD’s symptoms checker.

All joking aside, I  think it might be an inner-ear infection. I’ve had one before and the I was dizzy then too. Hopefully I can get into my doctor and get it cleared up quickly, because right now I can hardly stand up-right without feeling nauseous!

Luke’s been taking care of me, which makes it a little better, and I’ve watched lots of movies (Couples Retreat = C-, It’s Complicated = B+). It still makes me sad that I missed pool parties, live band karaoke and shopping with my friends, but I guess everyone has to miss out sometimes!

Does anyone out there know of a way to get rid of vertigo? I’d really like to be able to get OFF the couch and cook supper for Luke!

PS- Thank you to all our troops, present and past, for serving our country! Your sacrifice is very much appreciated.