Home Sweet Home

There’s one thing I’ve learned since moving away from home, getting married and thought about starting my own family …. there’s nothing better than coming home.

This past Wednesday – Monday, Luke and I went to visit my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. It had been nearly nine months since I’ve been able to go home and I was severely homesick. It’s just not right for a girl to go that long without seeing her parents, siblings or best friend, right?!

Our time home was absolutely jam packed with events and activities with the people I love, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Here’s a rundown of our schedule:

Thursday: My birthday! Lunch with mom. Mud Hens baseball game for my birthday with my parents, best friend & hubs, brother & very pregnant sister-in-law.

Friday: Baby time with my godson and best friend. Surprise birth of my niece (4 weeks early, but healthy as can be). Dinner on the back deck with my parents.

Saturday: Golf with Dad. Beers (for everyone but me) on the patio at my best friend’s house. Our High School reunion (I went to an all-girl’s school). More beers on bff’s patio.

Sunday: Sister-in-law’s baby shower with aunts & cousins. Other bestie’s wedding shower with Chicago friends. First visit with my new niece.

We managed to pack in as much special time with all the people I love in Toledo as possible in four days. It filled my heart and soul up big time in the “people I love” category.