I’m on the Hunt! (for floral bridesmaid dresses)

We’re still dealing with our wedding hotel problem over here. I got a message via Twitter from @MarriottIntl saying they read my blog post and were going to see what they could do. Well, that ended up being a whole lot of nothing.

I just got an email from John, the guy behind their twitter handle, who told me basically the same thing everyone else at Marriott did- thanks for playing, but you lose! He had no solution. So much for the power of Twitter assisting in customer service!

I am soooo sick of thinking and worrying about this, so I’m putting it out of my head. Moving on!

Last night I spent some time looking online for some inspiration for my bridesmaid dresses. My colors are yellow and green and I’m interested in something different from what you’d typically see at a wedding. In fact, I’m really digging the idea of a floral print to capture the essence of spring. Or some type of floral appliqué to jazz up a solid colored dress.

Unfortunately it seems the bridal industry hasn’t quite caught up to the fashion I’m looking for as much of what I’m finding are solid colored, plain dresses that scream BRIDESMAID! And honestly, who looks good in tea-length?? (apologies to any brides who chose that length!)

It looks like I may be going with a dress that is not necessarily meant for bridesmaids. I’m sure my gals will like this idea since then they actually might be able to fulfill the commonly used phrase “you can wear it again!” The only problem is, no one is carrying spring colors right now so there aren’t many options.

 In my short time looking, these were some dresses that I liked.  They themselves won’t work because of color, price or availability, but I’m using them as inspiration to find the right dresses.  

Yoana Baraschi silk blow-up dress
BCBG yellow floral floor length dress
Unknown designer
Jcrew bridesmaid dress

Have you guys seen any adorable bridesmaid dresses out there? If so, leave me a link. Thanks!