Just the Two of Us

Last week I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy – 20 weeks! I seriously cannot believe it’s only halfway because it feels like I’ve already been pregnant forever. Probably because it’s literally what I think about 85% of the time. It’s hard not to have baby on the mind when she’s literally poking you from the inside!

Anyway, one of the thoughts that has gone through my head at times is how this is the last time (until we are empty nesters) that life will be just Luke and me. I want to make sure I cherish our quiet Sunday mornings, ability to come and go as we please with no plan and being able to put each other’s needs before anyone else’s.

I’m really grateful that we got two and a half years of being a family of two. It helped us build a really strong foundation before throwing another person into the mix. I also joke with Luke that if I had gotten pregnant right after we got married, he probably would have thought he made a big mistake with how sick/cranky/and frankly slightly crazy I was those first three months!

Anyway, summers always seem to fill up with trips, events, plans. In fact this coming weekend we’re off to Napa and the next to Las Vegas,  so I was really happy to have the past weekend just the two of us at home with nothing scheduled.

We spent most of it together enjoying this beautiful place we call home. On Friday night we walked the Incline Golf course and Luke helped me work on my swing.

Photo credit: http://jeffwallach.com/golf/1159/hitting-the-mother-lode-golfing-reno-tahoe-and-the-high-sierras

Then on Saturday after sleeping in and eating eggs & bacon at home, we headed over the mountains down to Virginia City, NV. Virginia City is an old mining/western town with a lot of history. Mark Twain lived here and it was part of the Comstock Lode. These days it’s a fun tourist spot with old timey saloons, cowboys and mining museums.

Photo credit: http://www.preservationnation.org/travel-and-sites/sites/western-region/virginia-city-nv.html

From there we went to get our favorite ethnic food – Ethiopian at Reno’s Zagol restaurant. Luke’s brother Matt joined us. If you’ve never had Ethiopian, I highly recommend it! They bring out a large platter of different meat and veggies dishes and you eat family-style with this yummy gluten-free bread called Injera.

Photo credit: http://kitchentalks.com/restaurants/know-your-way-around-an-ethiopian-restaurant/

On Sunday, we went where the day took us, which included more golf, Mexican food, Church and the Incline Village beach to do some reading in the sun.

Photo credit: http://phinvv3.wordpress.com/2010/02/21/bonanza-and-tahoe-blue-come-together-at-le-petitie-ponderosa/

When the weekend came to a close, we were left sun-kissed, well-fed and filled with an appreciation for just how lucky we are to have one another.