Only I Would Get Hurt at Yoga / Handmade Heating Packs

Soooo, yeah. Remember last week when I blogged that I took my first yoga class and loved it!? Well, that love has quickly turned into hate. I hurt my back during my second class!

I know, I know….who gets injured doing yoga???

I took a class last Tuesday that involved a lot of twisting and stretching of my back. Appartenly the athlete in me didn’t realize that yoga is about bringing balance to your body and NOT pushing each stretch to the absolute limit until you’re hurt.

The odd thing was that during and after the class I felt fine. The next morning I felt fine. Then around 11 am things started to go downhill quickly.

My whole back tightened all the way up my neck, so I could hardly look left or right. The next morning was even worse- I could hardly get out of bed and almost started crying while trying to wash my hair.

Six days, several ice packs, heating pads, husband massages and IB Profuen tablets later, and I’m finally starting to feel somewhat normal again. It probably didn’t help that I skied three days in a row during our trip to Breckenridge, but there was NO  WAY I was sitting out due to a yoga injury!

Luckily, right before this little mishap, I had purchased a homemade heating pad off etsy.

Filled with rice and flax, this wrap provided 45 minutes of soothing heat to my stiff neck and shoulders after just 45 seconds in the microwave. Plus it traveled really well.

These heating pads have become my go-to gift for friends/family who are feeling stressed out. They’re in expensive and very useful. My best friend (and big cat lover) Julia just got this Kitty Heating Pad in the mail from me after she went through a crazy time in her residency.

I laugh every time I think about her wearing a giant cat around her neck. lol!

Anyway, I’m glad I had one of these on hand during my little injury or poor Luke would have likely heard “my back hurts!” even more than he did this week. ;)

I hope you all had a more pain-free weekend.