Social Media and Gift-Giving

By now you  guys know that two of my loves are social media and finding the perfect gift, so I was excited to see that these two worlds came together on my favorite website- Etsy!

They have an application (not sure if it’s new or been around awhile) that helps you navigate the often perplexing world of choosing a great gift using Facebook!

When you click “gift ideas” on their homepage, it takes you to a screen that let’s you choose a friend on Facebook. Then based on the details of that friend’s profile (their likes, favorite activities) it pulls gift suggestions from Etsy.

Here’s what it looked like when I searched for gifts for my mom:

Etsy Gift Giving Tool

The tool works best if you’re adding a friend who has their profile filled in with a lot of their interests. Now, not everything they share is something my mom would want, but immediately I get some ideas for custom-made bird houses and a cute case for her reading glasses.

I love this product because when it comes to picking out a special gift for someone, it’s important to keep in mind what interests, activities and hobbies are special to them. If they’ve taken the time to put it into their Facebook profile, chances are it’s genuinely something they like.

Plus, navigating the endless treasures on Etsy can be a little daunting, so I appreciate the thought-starters they give you. Try it out and see if it captures your Facebook friend’s taste!