The Cutest Little Swing Dress

Luke and I are planning to do a swing dance for our first dance. We’ve been taking lessons at Galaxie on the west side of Chicago and it’s been really fun so far!

With just two classes under our belt we’ve learned the basic footwork and four spins. Luke is being a great sport about it all and has picked up the steps quickly. I shouldn’t be surprised though, you all know he has moves.

Since I’m predicting after our six week course and five private lessons we’ll be dipping and twirling, I decided I needed to get a swing dress to wear for our performance. Something cute that will show off a spin.

I searched on Etsy, (my favorite site ever!) and found this adorable dress.



So stinkin cute right?! I wish I had spotted this back when I was hunting for bridesmaid dresses! The dress maker is able to do it in many colors.

I really hope she can get me one in time for April! =)