Baby Girl

Today we found out that we’re having a little girl!

Leading up to our ultrasound, we had a lot of friends and family throwing out their guesses and the overwhelming consensus was boy. Mainly I think based on how I am carrying – all in the front. My best friend also did the old wives tale with the pencil and the string and it clearly said boy every time we did it.

But it turns out all those tales and superstitions were wrong and come November we’ll have a sweet baby girl to add to our little family. She’ll be the third granddaughter for my parents in a year meaning she’ll grow up with two girl cousins right around her age. What fun!

We did our best not to think too much about what the gender of our baby would be before the ultrasound. Mainly we just wanted him or her to be healthy and thankfully she checked out perfectly on the ultrasound.

I will say though, now that I’m letting myself think about having a girl, I can’t stop smiling! I’m already day dreaming about braided pigtails, pink blankets and the sweet hugs from  a little lady. When I told my mom today, she said “boys are great, but I think every mother should get to experience having a girl.”

I couldn’t agree more, mom!

Now that this big milestone in my pregnancy is done, I’m excited to start decorating a nursery, buying some dresses and picking out a name. One thing’s for sure, this baby girl already has her mom and dad totally smitten.