Ch Ch Ch Changes

First I want to start off my saying thank you all so much for your heartfelt excitement for our news! Every like, comment and tweet made me smile.

I’m 13 weeks on the dot today, which means only one more week of the dreaded first trimester! I say dreaded only because of morning sickness. I know that I am incredibly lucky to be pregnant and to have gotten pregnant so quickly, but morning sickness is still the pits.

But thankfully the 24/7 nausea is starting to fade, my energy is creeping back and I’m able to start enjoying some of the better parts of pregnancy … like a growing bump!

Everyone has told me I won’t show much because I’m tall, but so far I can’t tell if I’ll show a lot or very little because literally every day my stomach is different. Case in point, this was taken last night at a friend’s clothing swap party.

Pretty big bump for 13 weeks!!

Then this morning I had Luke snap this one…

Just a bitty baby bump. Quite a drastic change. Maybe I just get a food baby later in the day? :)

Other than the belly, there’s been a lot of other changes happening to my body, moods, eating habits and definitely to my sleep. I already slept an average of 9 hours a night, but lately I can’t get enough sleep. I go to bed at 8pm and am still sleeping deeply when my alarm goes off at 6:45am.

Luke’s been taking all my quirky changes in stride and has changed his life in more ways than one to support me. For example, the smell of meat cooking seriously grosses me out, so the poor guy hasn’t had a proper meal in quite awhile. He’s been subsisting on eggs, canned sardines (his choice!) and vegetables.

My diet has been so bizarre too. Morning sickness has made me have aversions to meat, most vegetables and chocolate (???). My nausea friends have been popcorn, fruit smoothies, Lara Bars, greek yogurt,  sour fruits like grapes and kiwi and Luke’s famous banana pancakes (made with coconut flour). I’ve been doing a pretty good job of eating healthy despite my limited appetite.

The past three months have been quite a roller coaster, but I have a feeling the next six and beyond will be even more interesting!