Fashion Tips for a Happy Bridal Party

Since purchasing my wedding dress, I’ve shifted my attention to what the rest of my bridal party will be wearing from the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and mothers of the bride/groom. This can be a somewhat daunting task because not only do I want everyone to look their best, but I’m also thinking about budget, timing and personal preferences of the bridal party.

While searching for the right looks for everyone at bridal stores, online forums & blogs, and wedding websites, I’ve picked up some tips for making sure everyone is happy. These are not the “golden rules” of bridal party fashions, but just some guidelines I’ve been sticking to during the process.


1. Keep the cost reasonable- the most important thing for me is to make sure my wedding doesn’t become a financial burden for my ladies. Your maids will appreciate your efforts to keep more money in their pockets.

2. Include your maids in the process- while you ultimately have final say about the dresses your maids will wear, they will appreciate being asked their opinions. I’ve been taking mine to visit stores with me to try on dresses. It’s helped immensely to get their thoughts.

3. Look for styles and colors that are flattering for EVERYONE- while all your maids are surely beautiful, they likely all have different coloring and body types. When choosing the style and color of the dress, make sure it will look great on all body types and that the color will flatter pale to darker skin tones.


1. Get your Grooms’ feedback- I know some grooms like to be hands-off, but this is really one area they need to be involved. Ask your guy what he’ll feel best in…a suit? A tux? Showing him some magazine or blog photos of grooms may help.

2. Again, think about price- This get’s a little tricky with groomsmen, because they have a higher likelihood of wearing purchased suits or tuxes again than bridesmaids do. It’s a good idea for grooms to ask their party if they’d prefer to rent or buy their attire. You’ll find guys will be pretty frank about their preferences.

3. Determine your desired level of dressiness- regardless of if you decide to go for a tux or a suit, both can be dressed up or down depending on the theme of your wedding. Since my wedding is in a catholic church, if the guys go for a suit, I may require it to be three-piece to fit the formal atmosphere.

Mother of the Bride/Groom

1. Be hands off!- when it comes to the mom’s dresses, I believe the bride should let them wear whatever they feel the most beautiful in. Let’s face it, by the time you have a daughter getting married, you pretty much know what style and colors look best on your body.

2. Put the moms in touch- start an email chain between the moms and let them discuss dress length, colors and fabrics so they aren’t clashing. This is also a great way for the two most-important women in you and your grooms life to get to know each other.

3. Tell your mom she looks georgous- even if she chooses a dress or color you wouldn’t have picked, bite your tongue and make her feel beautiful. This is her day just as much as it is yours. Let her shine!

So what do you think? Do you agree with my bridal party fashion tips? Do you have any to add?

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