Words of Wisdom for the Wedding Bound

Hi all –

I’m one of Liz’s soon-to-be-a-bride friends guest posting this week.

Now, I myself don’t have any great words of wisdom for the wedding bound since I’m just about to walk down the aisle, but thought I’d share a cute idea and some advice from family and friends that I’ve received so far.

For my bridal shower a few weeks ago, all the ladies created a chainlink countdown (you know, like this one, ala grade school crafts —>).  

Each person wrote a note about me and my fiance, marriage or advice. Each day since the shower, we’ve been removing a link, and it’s been a fun thing to look forward to each night (especially when the RSVPs start to slow down – you know, there’s a boom at the beginning when you send out and then they slowly trickle in). I highly recommend this to anyone who has to throw a shower!

So here are some of the Words of Wisdom I’ve opened so far and have stuck in my mind –

  • Those who cook together stay together
  • Always have something to look forward to
  • Never go to bed angry and always kiss goodnight

And of course a few funny ones –

  • If you don’t get something you want, CRY, and then you’ll get it
  • Avoid wearing oversized T-shirts (suited for the gym) to bed
  • Remember, just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to let him win