Wedding Jewelry Highlight- K. Amato

TGIF everyone! The entry period for my first giveaway is offically over and I’m super excited to annouce that Angela (@AngelaTenClay) won the earrings!

And speaking of jewelry, a big smile came across my face this week when an email popped up from K. Amato jewelry here in Chicago. If you aren’t familiar with K. Amato, it’s a jewelry line designed by Chicagoan Kristen Amato that is a fan favorite of many of my girlfriends here in the city as well as publications like Lucky Magazine, Redbook, People and US Weekly.

 They recently launched a bridal line that has me swooning. Ever since I picked out my wedding dress, I’ve moved on to thinking about the big picture- the jewelry, hair and accessories, which means I’ve already spent a lot of time trolling the K. Amato website for inspiration.

My colors are green and yellow, and I love the idea of incorporating some yellow into my look. I’m pretty much in love with these earrings and necklace.



And if my bridesmaids wear a yellow dress like I’m planning, I think this green bracelet would look awesome.


Although I like to think I have amazing taste :), I wanted to get the professional opinion from one of K. Amato’s designers, so I sent an email their way with some questions. Katie, who’s on their design team, graciously sent back her thoughts on the new bridal line.

Liz: Why did K. Amato decide to create a bridal line?

Katie: Kristen decided to do a bridal line simply by seeing a lack in the market. Most bridal jewelry is insanely overpriced in the bridal salons- our feelings are just because its you big day does not mean you need to spend big money. We have the online bridal section on the website as well as a custom design service that we offer through our showroom (K.Amato 1229 W. Diversey Chicago, IL 60614).

Liz: You recently got married, did you wear any K. Amato jewelry? Which pieces?

Katie: Of course I wore K.Amato. I actually designed my own custom jewelry- I had 2 looks: one long lightweight pearl and crystal necklace, and one dainty pearl and rhinestone necklace made with a peal that my Mom gave me. Neither are on the website but that is why we offer a custom service out of our space.

Liz: Brides have many different fashion styles for their big day. Can you suggest pieces for a traditional bride? Retro? Modern?

Katie: There is a big variety of jewelry on the website for all kinds of brides- you do not need to stick to the bridal section. Traditional brides love pearls, retro brides love vintage looking earrings, and modern brides go to the regular line for their looks.

Liz: Have you had a lot of interest in brides purchasing jewelry for their maids? What’s been popular?

Katie: TONS of girls buy K.Amato for their girls- we offer group discounts that make it worth their while. Here are a few items that have been especially popular:


The Monroe initial necklace


The Larrabee horoscope bracelet


The Carmen earrings

There you have it ladies. Many thanks to Katie for her time spent responding to my questions! Be sure to check out K. Amato’s upcoming sample sales in Chicago for a great deal. If you don’t live in Chicago, you can buy K. Amato online too!