Guest Post: From a Bridesmaid’s Perspective…

About Me: A Mindy Weiss Wannabe

Hi everyone! My name is Thi and I’m another one of Liz’s co-workers. She’s got a few wonderful guest bloggers lined up for this week and next — all of who are engaged or have recently gotten hitched…except me! I just love weddings and could spend all day on Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart and the Knot — please don’t tell my boyfriend! I’ve even wiggled my way, along with future Guest Blogger Amy, into helping with a few weddings this year. Mindy Weiss is our hero, JK (but not really)! ;)

No Katherine Heigl

Well, I don’t have 27 beautiful (and unique) bridesmaids dresses adorning my closet; in fact, you can consider me the opposite. I’m about to embark on my very first wedding party experience and couldn’t be more excited.

While my experience may be limited, we’ve all heard our friends sharing stories about how gorgeous (or heinous) their dresses have been and how pricey the process can be. Between the dress, shoes, mani/pedis, hair, showers, parties, presents, travel…it all adds up! But, on wedding day, your bridesmaids suck it up, smile and support you because they’re your absolute best friends.

You obviously don’t need to give your bridesmaids executive veto powers, but throughout your planning process, but sure to include them. Some will love helping you scour for the best photographers, see live bands for the perfect sound or high-five your custom-ordered Chinese eBay dress. And, on the other hand, some may prefer that you send them a dress style and tell them when to be at the ceremony.

In most cases, err on the side of participation. Ask for their involvement, respect their opinions, provide timely updates and allow them to support you all along the way. Besides, no bride wants an upset bridal party…the bachelorette party would be no fun!

BM Inspirations

Liz is searching for some cute floral dresses that even Katherine Heigl would choose in 27 Dresses. Below are some pix to get ideas flowing. Also, be sure to leave us your best or worst bridesmaids experiences — inquiring brides want to know!

Soooo 80s! Some styles passed for a reason:

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Soooo now! Let your and bridesmaids’ individuality shine:

SATC Bridesmaids

Different Dresses Gray

Bridesmaids Shoes