Moving…The Back Story

So now that the cat’s out of the bag on where we’re moving (Lake Tahoe for those just joining us), I wanted to share the details on how we got to this point.

For awhile Luke and I have been discussing our desire to try a different lifestyle from the city hustle & bustle. We wanted to make a change for a few reasons…

– Luke is from a really small town and was starting to feel claustrophobic living in a big city

– Living in Chicago without cars, we both had to sacrifice our hobbies like playing sports, being outdoors etc

– We wanted a slower pace of life where we feel part of a community

– Life in Chicago is slowly changing. Many of our friends are moving away and the fun going-out dynamic isn’t as appealing to us anymore

In a nutshell, we were ready for something new. Not that we were desperate to get out of Chicago, but we had an itch to explore.

We agreed that we’d keep our eyes open for amazing career opportunities for either of us in locations we’d like to live.

A few months ago, I was looking online and came across Vail Resorts – the owners of six major ski resorts like Breckenridge, Vail and Beavercreek. They happened to have a job open for an “Online Marketing Manager,” which was a perfect mix of my PR and digital experience, at their Heavenly resort in Lake Tahoe.

Luke and I have been to ski at Heavenly twice before and fell in love with all the natural beauty and small-town feel.

Things happened really fast. Three weeks after applying, Luke and I were flying to Lake Tahoe so I could meet my future colleagues and check out the city. After spending a day with the crew there, I knew it was a great fit. Everyone is incredibly friendly, welcoming and smart!

We had a big decision to make…and it had to be done fast with ski season quickly approaching.

The biggest issue weighing on our minds was what Luke would do for a job? He has a great job here in Chicago, and unfortunately is not able to keep doing it remotely. We hemmed and hawed for about a week, going back and forth about what was the smartest move.

On one hand it was really risky to move somewhere new without jobs lined up for us BOTH. We also were scared about living somewhere we know no one- leaving all our friends and family behind. It was one thing to dream about doing it, it was another to actually do it!

On the other hand, this is a tremendous opportunity for me, and it would take us to a location where we could have the outdoorsy lifestyle we both want. My sister and a few good friends live in San Francisco, which is four hours away too, so we wouldn’t be completely alone.

This was NOT an easy decision. We actually decided at one point to stay in Chicago. There were just so many unknowns and we were scared.

About 30 minutes after deciding to stay, we both realized it wasn’t the right choice for us. We were both totally gutted about the thought of passing this opportunity up. We felt in our hearts that we had to try it or else we’d always wonder.

Plus, we felt like if we ever wanted to leave Chicago for a new city, it was now or never. We don’t have kids, we don’t have a mortgage – we’re in a position to make a major move and not have it be a huge hassle. Waiting another year or two, might be too late.

So we decided to jump in with both feet and not let our lives be ruled by the fear of all those “what ifs?” There’s been a lot of worry and anxiety, but overall we’re really excited to tackle this next stage of our lives.

Things have started to fall into place too. Luke already has several potential job opportunities he is pursuing, we found a great deal on a car to buy and we secured this gorgeous townhouse in the lovely Incline Village to rent for a steal.

Our friends, family and colleagues have all been very supportive and helpful – putting us in touch with people they know from the area, showing excitement about our news and promising to keep in touch – which we appreciate immensely.

We’re going to miss everyone in Chicago a lot, but are hopeful we’ll have many visitors (ski discounts!).

So that’s the story folks! I’ll be blogging along the way as we tackle this challenge….thanks for sticking with me!