You Look Just Like Batman!

When Luke and I first started dating, he had very short, almost-shaved hair. It was also around the time that the Batman movie starring Christian Bale came out.

During this time, when we’d be out, Luke would often get approached by strangers telling him he looked like Christian Bale (keep in mind these are strangers who don’t know his last name). The conversation would proceed as such:

“You look JUST LIKE Batman!”

“Thanks. I AM Batman.”


*I’d fish his ID out of his pocket to show the confused stranger*

“NO WAY!!!! Dude, this guy’s name is BATMAN….and he LOOKS like Batman!”

LOL I loved it when that happened- and not just because someone compared my boyfriend to a movie star :)

Recently Luke started a new job and the company is playing some employee contests over the summer. One is to submit an image of yourself next to a celebrity you look like. The person who most resembles their celeb wins money.

Here’s what he submitted:

HAHA! Think he’s going to win?