My Groom’s Wearing Grey

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week. It’s been one of those crazy work weeks where my head feels like it’s spinning all day! Luckily tomorrow is Friday and next week is a short one.

Anywhoooo, since my dress and the bridesmaid dresses are all picked out, I turned my fashion attention to what my handsome groom and his men will be wearing. I was surprised when Luke, who has a very classic fashion style, requested the guys wear suits instead of tuxes.

Since I’m all about doing something unique and different, we’ve been looking around for non-tux options that would look good for a Spring wedding. My eye was immediately drawn towards grey suits.

Burton Suit

Burton Suit

Banana Republic Suit

Banana Republic Suit

Don’t you think our bridal party would look great with the grey suits and bright yellow dresses? The problem with finding a beautiful three-piece grey suit is two-fold:

  1. Three-piece suits are expensive! The one above from Banana Republic was about $300. We just can’t stomach asking our groomsmen to pay that much for a suit they may or may not have chosen to buy themselves.
  2. It’s nearly impossible to find the right coat, pant and vest sizes for all six of our groomsmen. We spent an hour and a half on the phone with one sale lady trying to track them down and ultimately had to walk away. We felt terrible for wasting her time!

We were about to give up on the idea of a grey suit until a friend of mine (who’s planning her own wedding) sent me an email with photos from a wedding she recently attended where the guys wore beautiful grey suits. Here’s what they looked like (note: this is a model, not someone from the wedding) :


It turns out this beauty is for rent at Men’s Warehouse! I was surprised, because honestly I always thought of Men’s Warehouse as only having junky tuxes. I was quickly corrected when we went to the store and saw that the suit is actually very high quality fabric and fits well.

Luke tried it on and looked very dapper. I can’t wait to see all our guys wearing it up at the alter!

I need your advice though. We’re trying to decide if we should keep the vest and thicker tie or go with just the jacket and a skinny tie. What do you guys think?