My First “Test” Since College

Update: I passed! You’ve got a level 7 (beginner expert) skier on your hands, folks!

I’ve always enjoyed being a student. As dorky as it sounds, I enjoy the process of learning.

I should probably also admit that I was that annoying girl in college who always raised her hand to answer questions and participate in discussions. I know…many of you probably have rolled your eyes at people like me. :)

Since moving to Lake Tahoe, I’ve taken on a new subject – skiing! My classroom is no longer filled with stationary desks and a projector, but now it’s a 4,800 acre mountain.

When I started at Heavenly, I labeled myself an “upper intermediate” skier. I quickly realized – after skiing with my colleagues, who are all what they call “rippin skiers” – that my level was more like “beginner intermediate.” :(

Being a naturally uber-competitive person, I felt compelled to do whatever I could to learn how to ski better and improve my ability. I convinced my colleague who is also a part-time instructor to ski with me on the weekends so I could pick her brain. Some other work friends tagged along.

She had us do all sorts of crazy drills like skiing on one ski, skiing without poles, skiing with our arms out in front of us like we were ready for a bear hug. I’m sure we made some people laugh as we went by, but I think it really helped!

Today all my practicing will be put to the test when I participate in a “ski ability test” at 1pm. In order to continue to ski on the job – which I need to be able to do to get photos for the website and social media – I have to pass a level 7, which is a “beginner expert” level.

The word “expert” sort of makes me break out into a sweat. Wish me luck guys! I’ll let you know if I pass or not.