Our Pictures Are Up!

I’m sooo excited! Jeremy Lawson emailed me today to tell me our pictures are up on his blog. Click here to see them. It’s a sampling of Jeremy’s fav photos. When we get the rest, I’ll be sure to post more on here.

Love that Abattylife.com got a shout out! Be sure to leave Jeremy and me lots of comments…us bloggers like that. :)


More Engagement Photos

Our photographer posted more photos from our engagement session on his blog! And of course….we love them!

I’m not going to post them all here since many of you probably feel the way Luke does in this picture when it comes to looking at photos of us…


But if you’re interested, check them out on Jeremy’s blog and leave him comments telling him what you think! http://webmail.jeremylawsonphotography.com/blog.cfm?postID=269

Sneak Peek at Our Engagement Photos

A few weeks ago Luke and I braved the cold November weather to run around Chicago taking engagment photos for our save-the-date.

Spending a day posing for lovey dovey pictures is probably Luke’s worst nightmare, but they came with our wedding photography package, so there was no way he was getting out of it!

Luckily, our photographer Jeremy Lawson made use feel very comfortable and I dare say Luke actually might have enjoyed himself a little bit. =) You may recall that Jeremy is an amazing photographer. He has shot several weddings for girls in my office and I was awed by them all.

It was a really windy day when we took our photos and we were outside for a long time (I think I had some snot running down my face the whole time), so I’ve been nervous to see the result of our session.

Well, my fears were put at ease when Jeremy sent over these photos as a sneak peek to use for our save-the-dates. I’m in love!



We decided to go with the skyline shot for our save-the-dates so our guests (who are mainly out of town) can get excited about coming to Chicago. I also really love the “love” one. I think that might be a framer.

Jeremy took about 2,000 photos during our session, so I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks Jeremy!