Man, I love Summer in Lake Tahoe

Sorry I haven’t been posted very often lately. I’ve just been totally caught up in the amazingness that is summer in Lake Tahoe. You guys…this place is SO awesome right now!

We originally moved here for the winter lifestyle – aka skiing. I didn’t realize that the summer here would surpass the winter. The weather is just so incredible. I mean it literally has not rained once since May! Every day is bright, sunny and no hotter than 80 degrees.

My colleagues tease me that we are living like tourists here. Every weekend we’re off to explore some new hiking trail, waterfall, activity, restaurant or beach spot. One asked me “don’t you ever just relax at home?” I said, “No! That’s what we did every weekend for four years before moving here!”

Here are some photos that paint the pretty picture that is Tahoe in the summer:

Kayaking Lake Tahoe

Sightseeing at Emerald Bay

Cliff Jumping at Angora Lake

Lazy River Floating

Waterfall Hopping at Cascade Falls

Swimming/boating/jet skiing in the crystal clear water

Hiking Rubicon Trail


Beaching It At Sand Harbor

That is seriously just a snippet of the fun we’ve been having.

So why am I bragging to you all? Because we want more visitors! We had a ton of people come in the Winter, but I think folks sort of didn’t realize (like us) that summer is even more incredible.

We absolutely love showing our friends and family this part of the US.  Summer doesn’t end here for a couple more months, so if you’re looking for a little getaway, let us know!

I hope wherever you are spending your summer, you’re enjoying great weather and plenty of time outside.