Honey, I’m Home!

Have you ever been part of a couple and find yourself doing quirky things that only the two of you understand? Things like pet names. Or ongoing jokes no one but you gets?

Luke and I have a lot of little things that from an outsider’s perspective would probably be viewed as strange, but to us is totally normal. Most of the time it’s me acting weird and Luke laughing at me- but that is to be expected.

One of these little routines happens every day when we get home from work. It started when I asked Luke if we could get a dog and he immediately shot the idea down. While making my case about why dogs are awesome, I think one of my arguments was that they are soooo excited to greet you when you get home, which is fun.

Luke didn’t think this was a very convincing reason to buy an animal, so I decided to show him just how nice it can be to have someone be SUPER excited to see you when you walk in the door.

The next day Luke got home from work and I ran to the top of the landing, started jumping up and down and yelled:


Then I stood there with a huge excited look on my face, bouncing up and down with my arms outstretched. Luke immediately cracked up and gave me a hug. I was so amused by his reaction that it became a nightly routine.

Of course it’s evolved as most things between couples do. Here’s a typical night…

Luke: *door opens*


*yelled from couch. Too lazy to get up anymore*

Luke: I’m NOT a baby!

Me: YES. YOU. ARE. and you’re HOOOOOME!

Luke: *walks over and kisses my forehead*

lol. Or if he’s on the road like this week, it goes like this:

*ring, ring*

Luke: Hello?

Me: My baby is NOT HOOOOOOME! He’s not HERE!”

Luke: Once again- not a baby.

Yeah…we’re pretty weird over here in the Batman house. :) I don’t know why I love this ritual of ours so much. It just makes me smile and also realize how happy I really am each night when he comes home.

What funny/weird/unique things do you do with your significant other?