Rustic Chic Home Decor

While I wait for the paperwork on our house to go through, I’ve been slightly obsessed with day dreaming about how to decorate. We own literally nothing but our bed, so this house will be a completely clean slate design-wise.

The house itself is VERY Tahoe, as you can tell by the Christmas Tree porch.

The interior has a lot of nice, light pine wood on some walls, banisters, cabinets etc. The floor is dark hardwood and the kitchen has dark green granite. Automatically, you’d think that this house should be decorated in a “mountain” theme like most homes here are.

But this:

Is pretty much my worst nightmare! Yuck! (sorry if you’re into mountain decor)

My style is much more cottage, country, shabby. I love big, comfy couches. Antique furniture made new. Light furniture with a punch of color. And a bit of mountain flair thrown in. And for the most part, Luke agrees.

I’ve been trolling Pinterest gathering my inspiration and I think the best way to describe what I like is “Rustic Chic.” Here are some of my favorites:

You can see all my “rustic chic” inspiration on my Pinterest board.

I have so many ideas running through my head:

– Floor to ceiling white, sheer drapes to frame the 20 ft windows in our living room
– Two big comfy chairs right by the fire place for reading
– A chandelier hanging down from the high ceiling in the entryway
– An old trunk that’s been in Luke’s family as a coffee table in the TV room

My mind is filled with ideas to make this house feel like our home. Finally after 10 years of renting, living with other people’s furniture and only buying IKEA, I’ll be able to make this place feel exactly like “us.”