Live Blogging: Moving Across The Country

Well, the time has come for us to pack up and move our lives across the country to Lake Tahoe!

I’m going to attempt to chronicle our move in real-time using my phone. I started the post yesterday and will continue today and tomorrow, so check back often!


8:00 am:
Luke just called and is rounding the corner with our new 2009 Subaru Legacy (NOT a hatchback) and 5′ by 8′ trailer. I really hope all our stuff fits!

8:30 am:
It seems like we have so much to pack.

Good thing Luke is so strong.

11:45 am:
We didn’t hire movers, so the process is taking a little longer than anticipated. I seriously don’t think there will be one inch of unused space is the trailer!

12:45 pm:
Just about done. The trailer is packed to the brim, we grabbed some Chipotle and took a quick shower before hopping in the car

Leaving is starting to feel bittersweet. Closing the door to our first home together made me catch my throat a little.

1:20 pm:
We are officially on the road! Luke is sighing from relief that our car is towing the hitch without a problem.

My job is to watch out for these guys.

But considering we can’t go over 55 mph with the trailer, we should be fine.

3:36 pm:
2 hours 40 minutes down- 28 hours and 20 minutes to go! Ugh.

We hit our first inclement weather just outside of Iowa- rain. Luckily there is literally NO ONE on the road. I guess leaving mid day on a Monday was a good idea.

4:47 pm:
We are in Iowa and it’s grey, cloudy and incredibly flat. I feel like we could see a giant twister at any moment.

9:43 pm:
Not much to report on from Iowa to Nebraska. Lots of flat land, wind turbines and truck stops.

We are aiming to get to North Platte, NE tonight, which is about 4.5 hours away. So we will get in after 2 am. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

We’ve been keeping ourselves entertained by listening to Chelsea Handlers book on tape and Adam Corrolla podcasts. He is pretty funny!

12:12 pm
We ended up quitting for the night. We just checked into a hotel. What a day! This is the sweetest site to me right now.


6:10 am
Well I blinked and then it was time to wake up. We wanted to get an early start to our 15+ hour drive day. Stick around for more updates!

7:17 am:
It’s not everyday you get to watch the sun rise in the middle of Nebraska (unless you live in the middle of Nebraska).

10:03 am:
We officially switched to mountain time. Currently we are in Wyoming closing in on Cheyenne.

I’m sure some people think driving through Wyoming is a little boring, but I’m finding the amber landscape and clear blue sky to be beautiful.

11:46 am:
We just stopped for gas and I picked out a snack. It was called the “bridge mix” and consists of chocolate covered nuts, fruit, caramels and ‘cremes.’ The problem is they are all the exact same shape so you have no idea what is inside.

We’ve been having fun trying to guess (we may or may not be chewing them and then looking at the consistency in the mirror). Lol things you’ll do to entertain yourself in the car.

12:39 pm:
45 mph winds and blowing snow in Wyoming. We’re taking it slow.

5:09 pm:
Still in Wyoming. It looks the exact same out my window as it did 6 hrs ago. I’m feeling VERY stir crazy.

My 3G is spotty, but I’ll try to post this evening.

11:22 pm:
We are in Nevada! Passing through Salt Lake City was a breeze and now we are 30 mins away from our stopping point for tonight.

It’s snowing and the roads aren’t the best, so we are only going 30 mph. After 18 hours in the car today, neither of us can wait to get to the hotel!

9:22 am:
We let ourselves sleep in a little and other than the sumo wrestler playing hopscotch in the room above ours from 5:45-6:15, we slept well.

We are 5.5 hours away from Incline Village, our new home. I can’t wait to get there and check it out. Crazily enough we have NEVER been there!

10:31 am:
We are driving by some beautiful mountains. White peaks framed by ice blue skies and thin layers of grey clouds.

2:06 pm:
Only about an hour left! I just spotted my first Inn & Out Burger, which made me smile.

3:34 pm:
We made it! The sun is shining brilliantly and it’s absolutely gorgeous here. I am very excited to call this place home.

Lots To Do, Lots To Do

Thank you everyone for your kind words of support regarding our decision to move to Lake Tahoe! It means a lot to us.

Ever since deciding to move we’ve been scrambling to get things ready. Man, there is a TON to think about when moving across the country.

We’ve had to

– Sublease our current apartment

– Find a new place to live

– Buy a car, get car insurance

– Find a job for Luke

– Resign our current jobs

– Change banks

– Forward our mail

– Pack; move

– Handle about 50 million other things

Just typing this is making me break out into a nervous sweat. Ahhhhh! SO. MUCH. TO. DO!

Luckily I have a good partner-in-crime and incredible families who are bending over backwards to help us out.

I just keep telling myself:

“In a few weeks you’ll be living in one of the most beautiful places in the US and will be able to ski every week.”

Deep breaths….

Any tips on dealing with the stress a MAJOR to-do list can bring?