Seasonal Affective Disorder – AKA I hate clouds

Something about cloudy weather brings my whole mood down. It seems the clouds have been chasing me the past two weeks and their gloomy existence has been seeping into my day to day life.

Here’s what it looks like right now. There’s a snow storm moving in (you heard that right SNOW!).

Ever since getting home from the midwest, I’ve felt down … tired … I guess you could say depressed. We had such a wonderful time seeing our family and friends that it’s hard not to feel deflated. Plus, I’m still on east coast time, so my sleep has been all sorts of crazy. I’ve been wide away at 5am every morning.

When I got back to work yesterday, things were a bit insane. I had 800 emails to sift through, four hours of meetings and bad news regarding the health of a colleague and the departure of another. It seemed like everything had gone to heck the five days I was out and I felt guilty for not being around to help.

Then to top everything off, it looks like we’re going to have to pull our offer on the short sale house we fell in love with. It’s been about two months since we put in our offer and unfortunately with our lease ending soon, we are being forced to sign another 6 month lease. We just can’t risk having to pay both a mortgage and rent.


Here’s hoping for sunshine soon!