City-Themed Stationary

This Thursday is my sister Amy’s birthday- she’s a St. Patrick’s baby! We’re not huge on presents in my family, but I wanted to get Amy something small to help celebrate her day.

In the age of texts, tweets and wall posts, I have been on a kick to bring back some elements of old-school communication. One of these is the hand-written note.

I love the personalization a note brings to a relationship. Plus you’re able to show off your personality with a design all your own or even your initials.

I went on Etsy and scrolled the thousands of handmade stationary they have available until I landed on these from Gooseberry Press shop. My sister lives in San Francisco and has friends all across the US, so I thought they were a great fit.

These cute cards are also available for Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas and Napa. They cost $2.75 – $4.00 per card, so you can mix and match your favorite designs. You can browse all the stationary here.

Happy Birthday, Amy – Love you!