Home Sweet Home

Ahhh…it’s so nice to be home. Even though the weather has been terrible since we landed – grey, rainy, cold, damp – my heart still feels full and happy being back in the midwest.

Our week started off busy. Lunch at Bob Evans with my grandpa, who made me giggle with his no-hold-back comments (like when my aunt asked him if he tipped the waitress more than 15% and he said “you gotta be kiddin’ me! She doesn’t deserve that much!”). I guess when you’re 90 years old, you’ve earned the right to tip what you want!

From there we attened the wedding of our friends Kelly and Schmidtty in Columbus. It was such a fun wedding! I danced almost every song with my girlfriends from OU and Chicago, while Luke chummed it up with their boyfriends. I may or may not have sent him on a mission to find out when those guys were proposing. Come on guys … we want more weddings to attend!!

Then I went straight to my best friend’s baby shower. She is so funny. I was giggling at her almost the whole time. We played a game where you had to match candy bar names up with events related to a baby. One event was “the moment you lay eyes on your baby” and the answer was “tear jerker,” except Julia had picked “pay day.” Her response to the funny looks was “well I’m planning to have a professional athlete!!” lol. Man I’m glad she’s my best friend.

The past few days we’ve finally had a chance to chill out when we got to Luke’s parent’s house in Indiana. Right now I’m sitting in their den, on the couch, with a soft quilt over me, still in my PJ’s with a cup of green and orange tea next to me. It’s raining lightly outside, making it pefect weather for watching all the brightly colored birds eat from Luke’s mom’s many bird feeders. So far I’ve seen a cardinal, a finch, a bluebird and many hummingbirds.

It’s very quiet here in the countryside of Indiana. I slept 12 hours last night. :)

Tomorrow we’ll head back to Ohio to spend our last few days here with my family. In true Cron (my maiden name) fashion, those days will be jam packed with lots of fun stuff. Dinner at the farmer’s market with my brother and his wife on Thursday, golf with my dad on Friday, wine and games at home with the whole family (sister gets in from SF) on Friday night, my sister’s baby shower on Saturday morning, apple picking on Saturday day and finally a big party at my parent’s house on Saturday night.

I’m trying to remind myself to take lots of pictures while I’m home. It’s funny. In Tahoe, all my pictures are of scenery – mountains, lakes, waterfalls, flowers, sunsets and in the midwest, all my pictures are of people – family, friends, pets. I wish there was a way to combine those two things. Such is life.

I hope you’re having a fantastic week wherever you are!