Family Reunion in Lake Tahoe

Living across the country from most of our friends and family is definitely one of the negatives of our new life. Luckily we chose a place that is an awesome vacation spot, which has resulted in a lot of visits from the people we love.

One of the visits I am most excited about will happen this August when my entire immediate family (on the Cron side) is coming for a family reunion in Lake Tahoe to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday! So that’s my parents, brother and his wife, sister and her husband and Luke and me.

I can’t wait to have them all out here AND in the best month in Tahoe too. I’ve already got a ton of Lake Tahoe activities in mind- lazy river, kayaking, renting jet skis, hiking, dinner boat cruises, golfing, spa day…

Since the family reunion is taking place in Tahoe, Luke and I have been tasked with starting the planning. The first order of business? Finding a vacation rental near Lake Tahoe. VRBO (vacation rentals by owner) literally has hundreds of four-bedroom listings, which I’ve narrowed down to four viable options.

We’re having a tough time deciding which is best, so I thought I’d let you guys weigh in (plus it’s fun to look at beautiful houses). These are all similar in price  (less than $100/night/couple!) and location so let’s vote based solely on looks.

Click the image to go to each individual listing with more photos

House #1.

Lake Tahoe Rental HouseHouse # 2.

House # 3.

Lake Tahoe Lake HouseHouse #4

Tahoe City Rental

I’m still so shocked that we can rent such an amazing house for so little! Right now I think we’re leaning toward #1 because of the big deck. Which house would do you think we should get?