To Chicago, With Love

Dear Chicago,

I know recently I may have hurt your feelings with all my talk about wanting to leave you behind, but you should know that you’ll always have a place in my heart as one of my first dreams come true.

I initially fell for you as a young girl when my family would take our annual “big-city” long weekend to shop and explore. Wandering Michigan Ave. I remember looking up in awe at the beautiful buildings, glamorous people and lively culture. I vowed to one day be a resident.

During the summer of my junior year of college, you brought my sister and me together while I lived with her during my internship. We are six years apart, so we didn’t know each other all that well. She loves you just as much as I do and made sure to show me all the ropes right away.

By the end of those three months, we had hit up all the hot spots in town, she introduced me to sushi, and I got to know her now-husband. But greatest of all, we became best friends. Thank you for helping make our relationship so close.

During college, I majored in broadcast journalism. It seemed to fit all my dreams for a career, except one thing…it would likely never bring me back to you. I decided that just wouldn’t do and switched my path to public relations three months before graduating!

My parents thought I was crazy, but I knew I couldn’t give up on my dream to live in your grand city. I worked my butt off and got an internship in….well, not Chicago, but New York City. Hey, it was a stepping stone!

After five months in NYC (that place really swallowed me up!) I networked my way to a gig at Weber Shandwick right in your downtown. I was so excited to officially become a resident of yours and to be working at THE best PR agency in town.

Luckily many of my friends from college also realized your greatness and were starting their new lives here too. I will never forget the first few years causing trouble my best friends in some of your best neighborhoods- Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville. Living in a big city can be overwhelming for some, but your neighborhood hang outs, friendly inhabitants and live-able lifestyle made it fun for us to tackle together.

Your lively dating scene brought me in contact with a lot of interesting people and taught me a ton about myself and what I needed in a partner. Eventually, I found Luke. Your amazing restaurants and many romantic spots made our early years of dating a wonderful adventure.

I’ll always remember you as the place where Luke and I fell in love, said “I do” and began our married lives together. We have lots of happy stories to tell our future kids about you!

Please know that while we’re moving on to a quieter (and no offense, more scenic) place, you are my first love when it comes to cities. People say you never forget your first love, and in this case that will always be true!

I promise to come back and visit often. Thanks for being so wonderful.

Yours always,