Flowers to Swoon Over

This weekend Luke and I paid a visit to a florist here in Chicago called Asrai Garden. Elizabeth, the owner, came as a recommendation from our photographer Jeremy Lawson. Her store is absolutely gorgeous!


As soon as I stepped in, I could tell Asrai Garden’s style was right up my alley- rustic, whimsical, down to earth. It also appeared that we were fated to work with them after I learned that Elizabeth and I have some very strange name similarities:

My name: Elizabeth Anne Cron

Her name: Elizabeth Anne Cronin

My unique soon-to-be married name: Elizabeth Anne Batman

Her unique soon-to-be married name: Elizabeth Anne Kitchen

lol! We definitely had a good laugh over our similar names, although she admitted I won the most bizarre married last name contest. =)

On to the flowers! I brought with me a cover of Town & Country Weddings that showed this gorgeous bouquet that embodies the colors I want.


I adore the mix of bright yellow, green and ivory. Plus the daffodils, garden roses and lush greenery really showcase the best of spring flowers. Elizabeth agreed and offered some additional ideas like including peonies (my favorite!).

We also discussed bridesmaid bouquets with a green color, boutonnieres with green and yellow and a small “puff” bouquet for our flower girl. I can’t wait to see what Elizabeth comes back with!

She’s working on an estimate for us, which I hope our budget can accomodate. Reading her “wedding rant” (love!) I think we’ll be able to work something out. From the looks of the other weddings she’s done, I know we’d in good hands.


Georgous, huh? So what are your favorite flowers? Do you like bold colors or softer pastels?