Glam Hair for a Glam Bride

I have always been a bit proud of my hair- it’s long, dark brown and pretty healthy. It hasn’t been colored, straightened, or treated, so it’s in really good shape for my wedding.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how to wear my hair on my wedding day.  A lot of people have told me to wear it up so I’m not fussing with it, but my heart is leading me in a different direction. I want to feel glamorous, beautiful and dare I say…sexy on my wedding day and to me to me there’s nothing more feminine than long, shiny, beautiful hair.

There are so many ways to wear long hair down, but one in particular has caught my eye in fashion magazines and celebrity red carpets- old school, hollywood, glam hair.


I absolutely love this look! It is so classic, stunning and reminiscent of beauties way before my time.


I’m having a hair test run done March 27th and I’m so excited to see how this looks on me. I just pray my straight hair can hold those beautiful waves!

What do you guys think? Am I insane for wearing my hair down? Is the old-school, hollywood look suitable for a bride?