Our Wedding Video!

Our amazing videographers, Ashley and Brian Newman, finished editing a montage of our wedding!

(I’d suggest watching it full-screen to avoid ads popping up at the bottom.)

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted/needed a wedding video. It wasn’t really in the budget and I despise seeing videographer’s ruin weddings with their crazy lighting and excessive crew.

But then a few of my friends told me they were really happy they had a video to remember the moments from the day. So I used my resources and reached out to Jeremy Lawson, my photographer, and he suggested I connect with the Newman’s who were just starting to do weddings.

I’m so happy I did, because they offered to film and edit our wedding for FREE since it was their first one! They were a dream to work with…no crazy crews, no appearing in the background of all my photos, no bothering me during the day. They are the biggest sweethearts too.

If you’re in the Chicago-area and are looking for budget-friendly videographers, Ashley and Brian are tops. Their rates are $500 (WELL below the normal $2,000-$3,000 most videographers charge) and they do a wonderful job capturing and editing the day into a montage.

Here’s their email if you’re interested! bnewman269@yahoo.com Tell them Liz sent you. :)