The New & Improved ABattyLife!

All my talk about “shaking things up” has motivated me to FINALLY launch the redesign of my blog I mentioned way back in August on my one-year blogging anniversary.

TA-DA! Here it is!

I chose this design because of it’s ability to let me post much larger photos than my old design. Like this crazy-pretty sunset from last week.

I love taking photos and always felt a little sad when they were shrunk to a small size in my old posts.

This design also lets me distinguish categories for my posts so you guys can search for what you want easier. I still get a lot of friends in Chicago asking me how they can find all my wedding advice, so now it’s all available in the “wedding resources” tab above. Same thing with my food and gift/party posts.

The header is a little cheesy, I know, but couldn’t help myself when the option to get a cartoon graphic made of Luke and I popped up! My pal Kieran, the same guy who did our wedding invites,  did that image for me.

So what do you think? Are you digging the new look & feel of my blog? Bear with me while I work out the kinks.