Update on Life Lately

Well, no word yet on the house. Our offer is still sitting with the banks. *sigh*

My mind hasn’t really had much time to wander to day dreams of decorating a new home – we’ve been so busy the past 10 days! First we went to Napa to spend the weekend with my brother, his wife, my sister and her husband. We stayed in this super cool “treehouse” (how I think of it) we found on VRBO.com.

Napa House for Rent

We did some wine tasting, but Luke and I were careful not to overdo it early in the day because that Saturday afternoon, we went to a food and wine festival called Cochon Heritage Fire. This event was like a dream for us. All our favorite things – relaxing open greenery, 25 chefs putting on a culinary showcase, tons of different types of meat/fish/vegetarian dishes (okay, mostly meat) and vintage wines from some of our favorites like Failla and Chase Family Cellars.

We stuffed ourselves silly and laid in the grass for awhile. It was a lovely evening with my partner in crime.

After Napa, it was back to work for a couple days before my whole family arrived in Lake Tahoe! I have been planning this Cron family reunion since this winter and the anticipation was boiling over. I couldn’t wait until they arrived!

And then….two days before my family got here, I came down with the flu. Ugh! So typical, right?

After a day in bed, I rallied just in time for everyone to arrive. I’m so glad I felt better, because we packed a lot of fun into four days!

Sugar Pine Point BeachStand Up Paddle Board Lake TahoeLone Eagle Grille

And in a blink of an eye, the trip was over and everyone left to go home. I must admit I felt pretty deflated once everyone was gone. I love my life in Tahoe, but being with my family always makes me feel homesick to be closer to where they are.

Luckily, Luke had a mild case of my flu on Sunday, so I was able to talk him into sitting on the couch and watching movies with me all day (Is it terrible to capitalize on your husband not feeling well??). Normally after a half hour on the couch, he’s tapping his leg and fiddling with his phone until he can’t take it anymore, so I relish the times when I can get him to slow down and just be with me. :)

After that whirlwind week and a half, I’m looking forward to some time with just my guy & me and our quiet, relaxed life by the lake.