Vacation in Palm Desert

Sadly we’re back from vacation. Those first days back to work are always the hardest, right?

We had a terrific time with my family in Palm Desert. I quickly realized however that vacation means something different than it used to now that I’m a mom. Lila had no trouble transitioning to a new place for the week, but the whole “lets sit at the pool all day” thing sort of gets derailed when you have a baby that needs shade, mild temperatures and a place to nap.

So our days ended up being more like wake up, play with Lila in the condo, let her nap, go for a walk, play on the deck, let her nap and around 5pm, when the sun is lower, going to the pool for a dip.

This was Lila’s first time in a pool ever. At first she was a little skeptical and didn’t like the coolness.

But flash forward a couple days and she LOVED the pool. She’d get a huge smile and squeal with glee whenever we took her in. She especially thought it was hilarious when her dad would go underwater and blow bubbles.

We had a  blast making memories together in the pool. I was pleasantly surprised that the pools at the Marriott time shares were all salt-water vs. chlorine. I felt better about having Lila in salt water vs. chemicals.

At night, ones the babies were asleep, the adults in my family sat out on the deck playing the most hilarious game on earth – Cards Against Humanity. I seriously have never laughed so hard in my life. This is a game perfect for families who don’t hold anything back … I’m warning you now, things can get uncomfortable if yours isn’t like that!

The other really special thing we did was take family photos as an anniversary present to my parents (celebrating their 35th!). I arranged for Ann Keen, a photographer in the area to meet us at our condo to capture our family.

Didn’t these turn out fantastic? I’m thinking I’ll use the last one for Lila’s baptism invitation coming up in June.

There’s so much more I could tell about our vacation. But this post is long enough. The main point I want to get across is that I just love my family and am so happy we got to spend an entire week together.