What it’s About For Me

Since becoming a mother, Christmas has taken on a new meaning for me. For the past two years, I find myself thinking of mother Mary often throughout the day.

I can’t imagine what she went through that night. Traveling by camel while laboring and giving birth in a manger surrounded by animals! You go Mary!

While her birth was slightly different than mine … we do share one moment. Like me, and every other mother in the world, this is the day long ago that Mary finally got to hold her sweet new baby. To smell his milky skin, press his warm body to hers and feel the absolute joy that comes with loving something with every bit of your heart.

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What a special moment that must have been for her.

I often wonder what Jesus was like as a baby or child. You don’t often hear about that portion of his life. Was he mischievous? Reserved? Did he adore his mother? Did he climb trees?

I also wonder about Mary. Did she get to cherish her role as a mother before her son set out into the world to change it forever?

I’m grateful for the shift of focus motherhood has given me around Christmas. Being able to connect to this sweet moment between mother and son has helped me break through the stress and clutter of the day and remember what it’s all about … the birth of a baby boy who would someday make his mother proud.

Merry Christmas!

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