Lila’s Finished Nursery – Woodland Themed Nursery

Yesterday I officially hit the 37 week mark, which means my Lila girl is “full-term!” It also means I snapped into must-get-everything-done mode. We installed the carseat, packed hospital bags, finished our birth plan and finally completed her nursery.

If you remember, we decided on a Woodland themed nursery. Mainly because THIS is the view our little girl will have outside her nursery:

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Woodland Themed Nursery

My nesting impulse kicked in big time last week and I became slightly obsessed with getting things purchased for little girl’s nursery.

I decided awhile ago to go with a Woodland theme mainly because it made sense with where we live – in the mountains, surrounded by evergreens. That and it would work for any future babes regardless of gender (I don’t plan to redo a nursery with every child).

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve purchased already:


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