Woodland Themed Nursery

My nesting impulse kicked in big time last week and I became slightly obsessed with getting things purchased for little girl’s nursery.

I decided awhile ago to go with a Woodland theme mainly because it made sense with where we live – in the mountains, surrounded by evergreens. That and it would work for any future babes regardless of gender (I don’t plan to redo a nursery with every child).

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve purchased already:


Wall Art:


There are two more creative, crafty projects I’m going to take on (with the help of my artistic and awesome sister-in-law and maybe a few others):

The first is baby’s hanging letters. This isn’t her name or the colors we’re using, but gives you an idea of the look. I found the idea on BudgetForBaby.com. Time to go stick hunting!

The other project includes the creation of a “tree.” We have some wall space in a corner to fill and I got a wacky idea to make a tree out of paper poms after seeing some other nursery pictures.

The colors will be a mix of shades of green with pops of yellow, orange and red. We can’t paint or use a decal (grooved walls) so I think we’ll make the trunk out of cardboard wrapped in brown felt.

I have no idea if this will end up looking how I imagine or if it will look like a “giant, multicolored mushroom” as Luke put it, but Luke’s sister thinks we can do it and Lexi, the pom seller on Etsy has been incredibly helpful. So we’ll see!

The last thing I have my eye on for her nursery is this adorable mobile. But at $78 and an already blown budget, I’m on the fence as to if it’s really necessary.

I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! One thing is for sure, I am having a great time preparing for this girl to make her arrival.