A Beautiful Friendship

Right now Lila and I are in San Francisco visiting my sister’s family. Luke is in Mexico for work, so I figured I might as well get out of dodge so I’m not alone until he’s home. One of the perks of not working in an office I suppose.

When we woke up Saturday morning, after arriving late on Friday, I took Lila into her cousin Mabel’s room to say hello. Mabel, who is almost exactly one year older, squealed “YiYa!!” We put the two girls in the crib together and let them play.

Since then, the time together has been filled with babbling car rides in their side by side carseats, playing blocks together, Mabel showing Lila how she eats “like a big girl” and lots of laughing and squealing back and forth.

One of the especially cute moments was when we put both girls in the tub. Lila in her bumbo (I forgot her tub) and Mabel right next to her. Both girls were playing with their toys, splashing water and giggling.

photo (13)

The two girls seem to be enamored with each other. Mabel keeps asking for “more YiYa!” when she wakes up from naps and Lila keeps staring at her cousin in awe and squealing with delight at her every move.

Lila hasn’t had a ton of interaction with other babies so far, so it’s been really fun to watch her blossom around her cousin. She’s been in the BEST mood and already picked up some new developments by watching her cousin. Just this weekend she started getting up on her knees and rocking. I think because she wants to be mobile like Mabel.

photo (14)

Watching them together I keep thinking two things: 1. I really need to get Lila some regular little friends to interact with and 2. She’s definitely going to need a sibling when the time is right.

I’m really happy Mabel and Lila seem to like each other so much. Cousins are such a special bond and have potential to be really close friendships. I can just imagine these girls growing up playing make believe together, probably causing trouble in college and standing up in each other’s weddings.

As the quote says, “I think this could be the start of a very beautiful friendship.”