Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping- Part Two (I found the dress!)

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I had gone wedding dress shopping and found two that I loved. So many of you emailed me to see the photos of the two top dresses – thank you for your interest and opinions! You may recall that in that same post, I wrote about how I didn’t believe in “the feeling” everyone talks about when you find “the” dress. Well…that was because I hadn’t found it yet!

A week after posting about my dress shopping dillemma, I decided to keep looking on the advice of my very wise and logical thinking sister. I scheduled three more appointments: Ultimate Bride, Vwidon and Dimitras here in Chicago. I truly thought I had found the best options for my dress, so I wasn’t too excited to spend another Saturday visiting stores.

Boy am I glad I spent the time going to them! I ended up finding the most amazing gown at Dimitras. I totally got “that feeling” I had brushed aside in my previous post when I put it on. It’s everything I wanted: romantic, modern, unique, shows my figure and within my budget. My roommate was with me and couldn’t stop gushing over it as well.

The dress is completely different than the two I had originally pinned as the top options and it’s not what I thought I wanted AT ALL…which is of course what everyone told me would happen! I have to thank to Jamie and Dimitras for picking this dress out (and being awesome in general) because I never would have done so myself.

I can’t wait to rock this gown on my big day and then post pictures for you all to marvel in my beauty. Lol!

Just for fun, I’m posting the two dresses I THOUGHT were my best options. Thank you again to everyone who chimed in with their opinions on them.

First up is the “Trendy” dress…

trend front

trend back

And now the “traditional” one…trad front

trad back

Both great options, but what I found is just a little bit better. I’m just glad I found something I love!

Just for fun, which do you like better between these two? Leave some comments!