An Unexpected First Kiss

My mother has always said “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince.” Well in March of 2007, I was had just finished dating one heck of a frog! Just getting over my disappointment of another failed relationship, I was not looking to meet anyone new when I went to my friend’s birthday party at a local bar.

As I sipped my cocktail among my circle of girlfriends a tall, athletic guy caught my eye. “Who is that?” I asked the birthday girl. “Oh, that’s Batman.” Huh? “Yeah he works with me and his last name literally is Batman.”

Ok looking or not, I had to meet this guy with the super hero last name. My friend introduced us and there was immediate chemistry. Although we both were playing coy and working the room, we always eventually ended up “running into each other” and talking more.

After flirting outrageously for the last hour of the party, it was time to go. My friends were filing out of the bar and into a cab. Remembering the salty taste my last suitor had left in my mouth, I decided that I really didn’t need to start another romance and said goodbye to Luke.

As I scooted myself into the cab with my friends, they all looked at me with surprise. “What are you DOING?” they asked. I looked at them puzzled. “That guy is cute and he is into you! Get out of the cab now!” After being physically pushed out the cab door, I found Luke outside the bar.

“Do you want to go dancing?” he asked. Um YES! We found our own cab and began the short ride to a local late-night dance joint. Our conversation picked up effortlessly and our connection was sparking out of control.

 As I finished telling him about what I studied in college, the cab came to a stop at a red light. An awkward pause filled the backseat…eek! Suddenly, Luke locked eyes with me, leaned over and said “let’s just get this over with” before going in for the first kiss. Haha!

Who knew that funny first kiss would turn into an engagement? I just hope he doesn’t say “let’s just get this over with” during our wedding ceremony!