Keeping Perspective

When you’re throwing a wedding for 175 of your nearest and dearest family and friends, it’s easy to let yourself become completely engrossed in the planning. You want every detail to be perfect. Every guest to be on the dance floor. Every picture to turn out exquisite.

I’ve only just begun planning my wedding, but already I’m finding myself poring over wedding blogs for a unique favor idea, staring at a spreadsheet of guests and creating playlists of songs to play. Sometimes I feel like I could spend all day every day plotting out the perfect wedding!

But I can’t. And I won’t. Because when I take a step back from the situation, I realize it’s one day and although it’s a very very special day to ME and those closest to me, it’s probably not that big of a deal to the other 90% of my guests. So I’ve made a vow to do everything I can to keep perspective throughout this entire process.

I’m going to continue to make time for my hobbies like playing volleyball, reading and singing in the choir. I’ll lean on Luke, my bridesmaids and family for help and not try to control every aspect of the planning. And above all I’m really trying not to become one of those brides who talks constantly about “the wedding.” I’ve been on the other side of that and it gets old fast. Sure if someone asks how it’s going I’ll get them up to speed, but mostly I’m going to direct them to read this blog.

My goal is to spend my wedding day relaxed and enjoying every moment, even if things don’t go exactly as planned. I think that will be much more likely if over the next eight months, I don’t devote my whole life to planning every little thing about the day. I hope this will also help me escape the dreaded post-wedding depression I’ve heard so many brides go through when they no longer have anything to plan.

I’ve asked Luke to help keep me on track, but I also need help from my friends, family and you my readers! So I’m interested to hear how you guys keep yourself from getting wrapped up in your own life? Especially when you’re planning something major like a wedding or birthday party? Any tips you can share would be appreciated!